Lucie Delarue Mardrus photo in la pavillion de la Reine
Lucie Delarue Mardrus portrait

For Nadim, of Lebanese origin, and Muriel, Honfleuraise, it was love at first site for this wonderfully placed grand house in Honfleur.

After 3 years of restoration, often unremitting, they finally opened the doors to voyagers who can now delight and profit from their tenacity and Nadim's search for perfection and obsession with detail.

Long ago this house sheltered the young Lucie Delarue Mardrus who was to become a poet and novelist. It later was the home of Dr Brehier whose consulting rooms are now the lovely pavilion..

It is a place charged with history and filled with emotion, moreover since Nadim, aesthete, left us all too quickly to fully enjoy his creation. Nevertheless the serenity he desired so much remains. Today Muriel looks after it and is making certain their "Maison de Lucie" will be preserved, helped by her adorable team.

Lucie Delarue Mardrus

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Hôtel la Maison de Lucie Honfleur

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